About Us

About LyonMac

Providing Unique Qualities

LyonMac is a full-administration property the board organization, situated at Plot, 3, Tydanjuma Street dideolu home Victoria Island Lagos.

Our portfolio incorporates high rises, blended use structures and

family homes. Our long stretches of involvement with giving quality short let convenience has procured us a situation as one of the market chiefs in short let facilities . LyonMac tries to secure more properties dependent on its benefit making potential.

LyonMac Realties Ltd offers completely prepared, shop style lofts as

an option in contrast to the conventional lodging experience, just as stunningly

outfitted lofts for long rents. We have some expertise in present moment

condo rentals in decision regions on the Island and the central area in lagos.

Our Vision: To be the pacesetter in real estate services by exceeding customer expectations.
Our Mission: Aggressively pursue business through innovation to provide exceptional customer service. Build lifetime relationships with our customers and communities.
Our Purpose: To be an optimum business template in the provision of short-term apartment services and the real estate industry at large. Optimize relationships, service and profitability.

Our Services

Offer of real value mutual benefit endurance techniques to guarantee proactive

mastery. Toward the day’s end.

Apartment Management

Because of the dynamism of the shortlet market, LyonMac is continually obtaining and enhancing properties which are thus utilized for shortlet administrations. LyonMac helps financial backers wanting to break into the shortlet specialty of land to source reasonable and attractive properties and form them into shortlet edifices and condos.

Shortlet Rentals

LyonMac gives first rate shortlet condos rentals for a wide scope of fluctuating clients, like ostracizes, organizations, travel services, government authorities and private people.

All our shortlet lofts are adjusted by our very much prepared house attendants and appropriately oversaw by our fit office supervisory crew. Our loft trustworthiness is close to none in the business.

Real Estate Consultancy

LyonMac helps customers in different land matters, for example, obtaining for workplaces, houses, lands and so on with our long stretches of involvement with the business, LyonMac gives the most ideal warning to new comers into the business.


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